The Wedding

Dana and David, 2001

David and I met through a volunteer group called Single Volunteers of DC. As David loves to remind me (and tell anyone who will listen), we met shortly after I founded the volunteer group, at an informational meeting in the basement of a DC area pub. Apparently I introduced myself to David, but I'm afraid I promptly forgot him after the meeting ended. We met at a volunteer event or two after that, but I don't remember meeting and talking with him until he wrote to me offering to let me into one of the motorcycle safety classes he teaches for the State of Maryland.

I thought David was really cute (and I still do!), and I was disappointed indeed when the course ended without him saying a word to me outside of the typical teacher-student discussions. I did pass the class, though, and remembered David very well when I ran into him at a happy hour a few months later. We talked a little that night, and again at the next happy hour at which we met. It was then that David finally asked me out, and we've been more-or-less together ever since. I say "more-or-less" because, as David also loves to remind me, I dated a few other people for the first 9 months or so of our relationship. Why would I do that, you ask? Because David told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to "just be friends!" As such, in my mind, we were to just be friends. The moral of this story, guys, is that if you want to be more then "just friends" it helps to convey that message to the girl in whom you are interested...

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end. David officially proposed to me, with the hunk-o-rock to your right, in September of 2001. For anyone interested, here are some details on the ring: We found the setting at I like it because it is so unique - I've yet to see anyone else with a similar setting. The diamond, a much more difficult find, was the result of a lot of research. If you are shopping for stones you must visit - a fantastic source of information from a lot of diamond experts and everyday people alike! It was through DiamondTalk that we found Wink, the "Gentleman Gemologist" and owner of Winfield's in Oregon. Wink sent us stones to examine (yes, he sent us stones via FedEx!) and I fell in love with the second stone we received. Wink took care of everything from setting the stone in the ring mounting to having it engraved to preparing an appraisal for our insurance company. I highly recommend Wink for not only diamonds, but also for his specialty in colored gems. Ihope if you visit him you will tell him that I sent you. As an added bonus, Wink recently sent me a few $100.00 gift certificates - so if you are ready to buy from him let me know and I'll pass along one of the certificates for your use.

But as you know, marriage isn't just about rings. It's also about an incredibly expensive party. Ours is planned for May 2002. The plan is for a small, intimate affair with just 50 to 60 guests.

David and I will marry at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, in College Park, Maryland, where I regularly attend services and am a new Sunday School teacher for the 10 and 11 year olds. As David had predicted, teaching Sunday School is a great incentive for ensuring the use of effective birth control.

Our late-afternoon wedding will be followed by an evening reception at Mrs. K's Toll House, a really cute little restaurant in Silver Spring, MD. Mrs. K's, as seen in the photo on the left, really is a "toll house" - in the early 1900s it was the place where travelers had to stop and pay a toll on the way from Washington DC to the north, and is complete with living quarters for the toll keeper and family. Tolls are now paid only in return for their great food and nice atmosphere.

I fell in love with the restaurant after viewing their beautiful spring gardens. Unfortunately the tulips are likely to be gone by the time our wedding happens. But, I hold out hope that some other late Spring or early Summer flowers will be in bloom.

If you happen to be in the Silver Spring area and are looking for a nice place to eat (this is a jacket and tie type restaurant, at least for the dinner hour) drop me an email and I'll forward you one of the electronic coupons they are always sending out! It's good for 20% off your dinner bill.

Other wedding details are still in the works. I have my bridesmaids - a list of 3 lovlies that includes my two sisters, Karen and Amy, and David's sister Angela. We finally found our bridesmaid dresses, as well as my wedding dress, at David's Bridal. I won't post a photo of my wedding dress until after the wedding (as David often checks out my site to see if we are still getting married <laugh>), but the bridesmaid dresses can be seen at the right. I think David's Bridal is okay. The service is fine, but not exceptional, and ditto for the dress prices. The best thing about David's is that they have a HUGE selection of dresses in all sizes, so you can try on things that really fit rather then having to order a dress that might arrive two sizes to big and require a lot of alteration. I also have nothing but good news about a great dress store in Rockville called I Do, I Do Wedding Gowns. This is a consignment shop for wedding dresses, and they had a great selection of both new and "once worn" dresses. I found a dress there that I really liked, but ended up liking the one from David's just a tiny bit more. But, for both great service and prices I do recommend I Do, I Do... contact them at 301-762-4464 to setup an appointment.

David has also been busy. He has 2 of his 3 groomsmen confirmed, and selected the tuxes last weekend. We'll be using Master's Tuxedo here in College Park. We have found a DJ for the reception - Hitman Entertainment out of Baltimore will do the job. Flowers will be done by Wood's Florist in College Park, but I'm still in need of a photographer! If you have any suggestions for a good, and reasonably priced, photographer please do let me know!

Enough for now! More to come as the planning goes on!